General Manufacturing

Twisting fibre into rope and fabricating rope into nets has been at the core of human development for thousands of years. From its simple natural fibre origins, modern rope products have evolved into highly sophisticated technical elements.

Our ropes are specifically designed to offer consistent properties in a variety of environments ranging from the blazing summer heat to sub zero winter temperatures. The rope is a combination of synthetic yarn and galvanized steel. This provides a soft, tactile feel with high abrasion characteristics along with superior mechanical strength.

Efficient and Reliable Services

We have a distinct advantage over our competition...we are already here... Our factory sources materials from around the world. We only use the best and we are prepared to pay for this privilege however we are the manufacturer, we fabricate, cut, press and finish our nets in Australia. This means quick lead times, and efficient service. We have an open door policy and welcome customers to come and have a look at their nets being made.

Factory Testing

Our production caters for any type of net from a simple access net to a 40m suspension bridge. We have various hydraulic pressing and swaging machines for terminating the ropes and take pride in our quality system of jig testing prior to dispatch.

Quality Control 

The process of manufacture within a business world follows a vigerous level of quality control in order to achieve efficiency. Here at Kaebel Leisure, we have a number of procedures in place to ensure our clients receive the manufactured product and quality service they require. 

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